Barracuda Pond Pump

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This pump can be used fully submersed or externally mounted with a flooded inlet.
  • ldeal for use in polluted water.
  • Uses ceramic bearings for continuous operation
  • Vortex impellor
  • Overload protection by means of a thermal overload trip switch
  • Easy to maintain with a removable rotor assembly
Can handle up to a 6 mm particle size.
Aquagarden Barracuda pumps provide solids handling capacity up to 6mm, BSP threaded inlet and outlet. These are ideal dirty water, filtration and waterfall pumps.
The pump is installed in-line and below water level. The impellor design and large inlet and outlet will handle all debris and leaves that pass through the filter screen. Also has a non-corrosive ceramic impellor and thermal overload for additional safety.
Able to operate out of pond when pump is installed in-line and below water level. Includes 2 year motor guarantee (12 month guarantee on impeller).
Pumps model statistics:
  • Barracuda 4000 – 3,600 lph, 2.4m max. head,  10m cable. 45W
  • Barracuda 6000 – 6,100 lph, 2.6m max. head, 10m cable. 65W
  • Barracuda 10000 – 10,000 lph, 4.5m max. head,  10m cable. 135W
  • Barracuda 15000 – 15,200 lph, 5.5m max. head,  10m cable. 210W
  • Barracuda 25000 – 25,000 lph, 9.5m max. head,  10m cable. 620W

Pump outlet size: 40mm

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