BiOrb FLOW 30L Aquarium

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BiOrb FLOW Aquarium

The biOrb FLOW fish tank is the latest biOrb aquarium. Very simple to set up and maintain. Comes with a satchel of beneficial bacteria to get your biological filtration kick started and water conditioner to remove the chlorine from tap water.

Suitable for small fish and is compact enough that it can easily fit on a desk.

Size: 38 x 28 x 38cm

*12v LED light *900g of ceramic biological filter media *Air stone *Filter Cartridge *12v transformer *Low voltage air pump *Water conditioner and beneficial bacteria liquid *Fish food *Instructions

Aquarium availble in black or white. 

Made From acrylic, not glass

All biOrb aquariums are made from acrylic which is 10 times stronger than glass.

It's also noticeably clearer

Acrylic has a transparency rate of 93% making it the clearest material known. Glass will only allow up to 70% of light to pass through and thick glass always has a green tint.

And warmer too

Acrylic aquariums retain heat nearly twice as well as glass which means they require less electricity to maintain heat.

Tropical Fish?

We sell a little 17cm compact heater that is ideal for these nano tanks due to it's small size.



Note: Light not rated for live plants, fake plants only.




12 month warranty.