Easy Tank Species

What Are the Easiest Fish for Freshwater Tanks?



If you are new to the aquarium hobby or are just looking for a few low-maintenance fish to add to your tank, try starting off with a few hardy, easy-to-keep species of fish. Starting off your first tank with easy species of fish is important because you are likely to make mistakes while first learning the ropes of the aquarium hobby. If you stock your tank with delicate or sensitive fish, you could kill them if you make a mistake in regard to water chemistry or tank temperature. Stocking your tank with hardy species is a simple way to give yourself a little room for error. If you are an experienced hobbyist, stocking your tank with these easy-to-keep species of fish is a great solution for the ultimate low-maintenance aquarium.

Small Species of Fish


Many species of small community fish are relatively undemanding when it comes to tank conditions and they are also fairly easy to keep. Another benefit of smaller species is that they take up less room in your tank so you can feel free to mix and match. Not only will this provide you with a variety of species to enjoy, but it will also help mitigate any feelings of disappointment you may have in trading the vibrant colours and patterns of the more difficult species of fish for the smaller, and often more plain, easy-to-keep species. Some of the easiest small species of fish to keep are livebearers like guppies, mollies and swordtails. These fish are all peaceful, community species which thrive best in groups with several of their own kind. Not only are these species perfect for the community tank, but they also come in a variety of colours and patterns which makes them a joy to watch.

Another type of fish that is easy to keep in the home aquarium is the danio. Danios come in several varieties including both long- and short-finned zebra and leopard variants. These fish are very active, especially when kept in schools, and are capable of tolerating a variety of tank conditions. Barbs and tetras are also fairly easy to maintain in the home aquarium. Like most community fish, barbs and tetras prefer to be kept in schools and they can be very active fishes. If you are not interested in cultivating a community tank, betta fish (also called Siamese fighting fish) may be a good option for you. These fish are very popular among novice aquarists because they are easy to keep and offer a variety of colours, patterns and fin types. If you plan to keep betta fish, be sure not to keep more than one male in the tank at a time because male bettas can be very aggressive.



These fish are well suited to our nano aquarium range, for example the BiOrb Flow. These tanks are ideal as they come as a complete package, tank, light and filter ready to go with the option of adding a small heater for tropical fish.


Medium and Large Species of Fish


While smaller breeds of fish are typically less demanding and easier to keep than larger fish, there are still some medium and large species that are recommended for novice aquarists. Gouramis are generally peaceful fish, though males of certain species can become aggressive and territorial toward other males. These fish are also tolerant of a variety of water conditions and some species are highly recommended for the community tank. Angelfish are one of the most recognizable species of freshwater fish in the aquarium trade and they are also fairly easy to care for. The main thing you need to be aware of about this species is that angelfish prefer tanks that are tall rather than wide because they have such long fins. Plecostomus are popular among aquarium hobbyists as algae eaters – they naturally feed on algae growths in the tank, helping to keep your tank walls clean. When small, these fish make excellent additions to the community tank but they can become aggressive once they reach maturity.