Fluval Edge 2.0 Aquarium 46L

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Fluval EDGE 2.0 46L Aquarium - Black


6500K integrated LED replicates natural sunlight and promotes plant growth and vibrant fish colors
LED provides 120° light dispersion for wider coverageTouch-Switch lighting with Day and Night illumination

The Fluval EDGE 46L Aquarium is a high quality aquarium design. It is the “big brother” in our Fluval EDGE family of aquariums.

Size: Its dimensions are 43cm (w) x 26cm (d) x 44.8cm (h) (the total height, including the light hood is 59.4cm).

One of the best things related to this design, is the fact that the aquarium can be filled up with water to the top, which contributes to the customers viewing experience, because, when an aquarium is open on the top, the water will be distorted when you look at the aquarium from above. With the Fluval EDGE, this will not happen.

Although it is larger than the other one, this aquarium is not to be considered a very big aquarium, so it is excellent for most home and office environment. Until recently, Fluval has improved its EDGE design to have LED lighting, as opposed to the halogen lighting that was previously used. There is also the LED lighting night time mode.

You should note that numbers are showing that this design is one of the best, if not the best selling aquarium designs, here at PondQuip, which means that we have had a lot of satisfied customers that have purchased this product. It is a great choice for a gift that you can give to your loved ones for a great number of occasions (like Birthday parties and holidays like Christmas).

When you purchase the product you get: the aquarium (of course), low voltage LED lights, a hang on Aquaclear filter and pump, a bottle Nutrafin Cycle (beneficial bacteria used to begin biological filtration), a bottle Nutrafin Aquaplus (tap water conditioner used to remove chlorine from tap water) and a User Guide. As you can see, Fluval does not only care about the quality of its product, but also for the well-being of the fish. 

Speaking of fish, you can put quite a few colourful small fish in this aquarium. Just make sure that these fish cannot grow to be overly large, since this aquarium design is not fit for such types of fish, since they need more space to make it.

You should check out different designs that people posted on the internet, in order to get your creative juices flowing, when it comes to designing your aquarium. Check YouTube for sources of inspiration.


Optional Extras: Compact 17cm 50W heater perfect for disguising in nano fish tanks like this.  Fluval magnetic glass cleaner to remove any algae growth from the tank simply and easily.


Do not use an air pump/air stone with this aquarium.


You need to open and inspect glass aquarium for damage BEFORE signing for delivery.

FREIGHT: Some regions, particularly those outside NSW will cost more to send to than the standard shipping fee, check if there is an additional freight cost by adding the item to cart then entering your postcode.

At request Sydney customers may pick up from supplier at Emu Plains to save on freight.





2 year warranty (filter and light)