Oase Aquarius Universal Pond Pump

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With the Aquarius Universal range of pumps, OASE has provided a solution for those seeking pumps with very small dimensions. All pumps are equipped with a 10m cable and a built in flow regulator for infinite, simple adjustment. The water inlet on each pump is at the base , making it ideal for water features with shallow water depths and the silent operation means you hear the sound of the water, not the pump. All pumps come with a 5 year guarantee.

The Aquarius Universal pump range is comprised of high-performance pumps with compact dimensions which are excellently suited for use in statuary fountains or decorative fountain systems in the garden, on the patio, or on the balcony and indoors.

  • Aquarius Universal pumps have low-level suction and have a very low noise level due to their quiet operation. These pumps are completely capable of withstanding winter conditions so that they can stay in the water throughout the entire year..
  • The more powerful pumps starting with the Aquarius Universal 3000 Model have a removable pedestal to enable installation even where space is extremely limited. In addition these pumps also have a stainless steel filter basket which guarantees the long service life of the pump.
  • The Aquarius Universal range, can be set-up outside of the water below water level. Regardless of the application, all pumps can be controlled individually and conveniently.
  • The 2000 model has a ½” threaded outlet, the Aquarius Universal 6000 has a threaded outlet of 1" while the Aquarius Universal 9000 and 12,000 has a threaded outlet of 1 ½" .
  • All outdoor pumps are supplied with a 10m power cable.

Aquarius Universal 6000 – 6,000 lph, 5.0m max. head, 110w (Formerly Neptun 6000)

Aquarius Universal 9000 – 9,000 lph, 6.0m max. head, 195w (Formerly Neptun 9000)

Aquarius Universal 12000 – 12,000 lph, 7.0m max. head, 270w (Formerly Neptun 12000)


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