Oase Jet Lightning Laminar (set of 2)

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Magical water/ light effects in radiant rainbows attract attention and are exciting through an abundance of colour variations. The duo of two "Water Jet Lightning" units magically and uniquely transform your terrace and your garden.

The water jets that are illuminated in a wide variety of colours can be staged with permanent programs. The jet range can vary, the random program "random play" presents all settings in changing colours. Energy-efficient 12 V technology and fast installation are the hallmark characteristics of this product.

  • Easy maintenance.

  • Low energy consumption
  • Included in the scope of delivery: 2 unit set water jet lighting, pump, external control unit, transformer and cable.

  • High quality stainless steel base, can be bolted onto different substrates.

  • Your favourite colour of the water arch can be set easily.

  • The water jet angle can be individually adjusted.

  • The programs can be selected via remote control from a free distance of up to 80m

  • Variations of jet lengths, jet height, and RGB colours are played back in programs

  • Luminous, coloured, laminar water arches for a special charm in the garden.

  • Maximum jet length 1.8m, maximum jet height 0.9m

  • Can be connected to a timer.

  • Plug n Spray principle enables easy installation

  • Water Jet 150 x 115 x 200mm, 12v Control box 215 x 180 x 305mm, Power unit 160 x 100 x 100mm


Not suitable for chlorinated swimming pool water.


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This is how easy it is:


Step 1

Place the two »Water Jet Lightning« nozzle units at the desired locations.

Depending on the water depth use of an elevation may be necessary in this case. This elevation can be provided by bricks with a level surface, for example.


Step 2

The nozzle units should be installed in such a manner that the water surface is below the nozzles. Then align as desired.


Step 3

Set the pump in the water as well and establish a hose connection to the »Lightnings«.


Step 4

Connect the pump to the external control unit and connect the external control unit to the power supply.


Step 5

Use the remote control to select the different programs that vary in jet range and light colour.




The following materials are required:

  • 1 x OASE »Water Jet Lightning«
    in the 2-unit set incl. external control unit, cable and transformer
  • 1 x pond liner
  • 1 x cover e.g. grate/wood panel 
  • Pebbles or gravel