Oase Swimskim Pond Surface Skimmer

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Oase Pond Surface Skimmer

The OASE Swimskims will free your pond of leaves and other nutrient inputs easily and effectively. The skimmer baskets can be emptied quickly, while the whirlpool function will stir up pollutants from the pond floor. The aeration function of the Swimskim sends valuable oxygen deep into the water where it is most needed to assist the health of your fish as well as improving the biological functions of the pond and biological filter.

Leaf and debris that is left to settle on the pond floor will decompose. Decomposition will create an acidic environment for your fish and also promote ideal conditions for harmful bacteria to grow, which is why it is important that leaves be removed as soon as possible.

  • Swimskim 25 – 2,500 lph, 40w, 332mm x 297mm x 250mm, aeration function 300 lph, max. pond skimming area 25m2, 2 year guarantee
  • Swimskim CWS – 3,500 lph, 45w, 450mm x 400mm x 390mm, aeration function 600 lph, max. pond skimming surface area 50m2, 3 year guarantee


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