Pond Construction and Design

Pond Positioning

 • Avoid areas with overhanging trees that drop leaves, nuts and pollen into the pond. Also be aware of trees that have invasive roots as these can damage the pond’s construction material. Decomposing leaf litter will create an acidic environment as well as promoting the growth of harmful bacteria. PondQuip supplies a range of pond skimmers to remove floating debris from the pond surface.

 • Avoid areas that are subject to flooding and runoff. Water runoff can contain fertilisers, soil and other chemicals which can then accumulate in your fish pond water.

 • Ensure the pond receives at least a half a day of sunlight as this encourages plant growth.

 • Make sure an electricity supply with enough power points to cover all pond equipment is located close by and has an RCD (Residual Current Device) fitted or are fitted to the mains power supply.

 •  Prevent child drownings. If children are likely to be around the pond it is a good idea to position the pond where it can be seen from the house. Have a wide, shallow planted area around the pond and have the pond above ground or have a fence around it. Check local council and shire regulations regarding ponds.


Fish Pond Design

Some example pond designs.


Pond Shape

• Complex or overly irregular shapes should be avoided as these will result in excess folds and creases when using pond liner and also create ‘dead spots’ where water cannot circulate, causing the area to become stagnant.

• Use a rope or garden hose laid out on the desired area or spray paint to line the pond perimeter, to visually construct the size of the pond.

• The type of fish to be kept should be taken into consideration before building a pond as large fish such as koi require large, deep ponds, whereas goldfish are happy in smaller ponds.

• Different plants require different depths – providing shallow and deep areas will enable you to have a pond containing different species and varieties of plants.


Digging Your Fish Pond



Fish Pond Construction - How to Build a Fish Pond

The following videos I highly recommend. Richard is an expert in the field of fish pond construction. He uses the same high quality brand of German made pond equipment (Oase) that we at PondQuip sell.

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