Pond Liner Installation

Pond Planning.

 Lay out a piece of garden hose or rope, to the desired shape and size or spray paint perimeter line. Keep the shape simple.

Shapes with sharp corners and narrow necks will tend to use more liner and create too many folds and creases. Edges too, will be more difficult to create. Plan the type of edge and the width you want, as this will affect the size of liner you buy.

Digging Your Pond

We recommend you dig your pond 3-4cm deeper than the finished depth, to allow for a lining of good clean sand, and/or a layer of Clearpond pond liner underlay. This will give the liner protection from any sharp objects e.g. tree roots, rocks etc. Dig down to the shelf level, and create a flat base all round.

Use a spirit level, on a long flat board or steel tube to check that the top of the pond is level all round. Measure down from this to check that the shelf is the right depth and level. Dig out the centre, to the required depth. Be sure to remove any hard objects like roots, and stones. A simple template cut from thin board will assist greatly in correctly forming the sides of the pond.

Filling Your Pond.

Lay the liner across the pond, so that the liner rests on the bottom and shelf edges. Place smooth rocks around the edges to keep the liner in place, fill slowly with water and move the rocks back as the pond fills with water. Pleats will start to form in corners and curves. Smooth these out as you go round the pond. If done correctly, they will hardly be visible once the pond is completed. Stop filling when the water level is about 10cm below the final level.

Complete the Edges.

Now that the liner has been secured with the weight of the water, you can finish off the edges as planned. The weight of the rocks, paving or soil in the bog area will hold the edge of the liner in place. Fold the liner up to the top edge and fold any surplus back under. It is a good idea not to have any lawn going to the edge of the pond as it will be difficult to trim without damaging the liner.

Don't Add Rocks to the Pond Bottom.

You may be tempted to add rocks of gravel to the bottom of the pond to disguise the liner and give a natural look. Doing this will make it much harder to clean the bottom of the pond properly, decaying sediment can fall between the gaps and stay decaying for a long time.

 PondQuip sell a 1mm thick very strong pond liner with a 30 year guarantee.

Two great videos to assist your fish pond liner installation.  

The following video may prove helpful in cutting and gluing our pond liner.


We hope you have found this article useful.